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How To Grow Your Own Marijuana - Indoors or Outdoors

Growing your own weed can be fun.

Due to the increasing demand of medical marijuana, the legalization of Cannabis is also rapidly increasing across America, Canada and in many other countries all over the world. With this movement, many people are finally gaining access to marijuana, and growing them as their own supply as a medical treatment.

Growing cannabis is not as complicated as you may think, as long as you have the right information. You can grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, depending on your personal circumstances such as your available space for growing, your budget, your desired yields and even the climate in your area.

Anyone who have the time, the space in the house or garden in the backyard can grow the cannabis plants and it is actually simple. You only have to keep in mind the factors needed by the cannabis plant to thrive and grow. These factors are sufficient light, the growing medium, air, the right temperature, nutrients, and water.

The cannabis plant needs sufficient light, whether natural sunlight or artificial grow lights, to get the best bud quality and yields. When you grow marijuana, soil is not your only option. For the growing medium, you can choose to have the soil, soilless mixture, directly in water or by allowing the plant roots to be suspended in misted air or in a tank with fishes.

The ideal environment for a cannabis plant to thrive and grow is where there is a slight breeze and excellent ventilation with good air exchange. When it comes to the temperature, always remember the rule of thumb: when it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your plants as well. Just like any other plant, the cannabis will die if it is exposed to extreme temperatures.

All plants need enough nutrients, so does the cannabis plant. You can make your compost soil or buy pre-formulated nutrients. Water is also the very basic resource any living thing needs to survive and grow. Whether you will have them indoors or outdoors, you need to make sure the plant gets the proper amount of these resources.

Which is more expensive Indoors or Outdoors?

The area where you will grow your cannabis plant depends on your personal preference, your budget, and the available space you have. If you have backyard, you can have them outside. Otherwise, you can grow them inside your home, utilizing a closet, tent, cabinet, a spare room or your basement. However, you also need to consider other factors such as pests and plant disease.


Growing Weed Indoors

When growing marijuana indoors, remember that you will need to customize your equipment and plant to fit the space available. You may want to start small because it will be much easier to monitor. The smaller your plant is, the less expensive it will be for you especially if you are a first-time grower. If ever your first attempt will not be successful, it will not hurt so much on your wallet.

Keep in mind that you also need the ample amount of light, fans for ventilation, and other equipment necessary for your plants to grow. It is also important to maintain cleanliness when growing indoors, so make sure the space can be sanitized easily. Carpet, drapes, and raw wood can be difficult to clean, so you might want to avoid these materials.


Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Convenience is also a key to successful a grow, which is why growing your marijuana outdoors might be a good choice. You can monitor your plants carefully, checking them every day, and you’ll have almost all the resources you need without spending so much. If you are growing indoors and the space is difficult to access, you may have problems in the long run.

If your grow space indoors is too warm or too humid, you’ll have issues controlling your grow environment. Always choose a cool, dry area with ready access to fresh air from outside. This is another advantage when you plant outdoors, you will not have problems and additional expense on ventilation. The only drawback for outdoor growing would be its direct exposure to the spying eyes of neighbors and passers-by and possible theft.

The more sun the plant gets, the faster it grows. Water it regularly, but do not overwater it. Water only when the soil is dry. Start using fertilizer on the third or fourth week. However, do not use too much fertilizer because it can also kill the plant. You only add fertilizer if you see that the leaves are turning yellowish or light green.

Growing the cannabis plant outdoors is a great way to get a big yield, and it is inexpensive with no special equipment needed. Once you’ve done everything, let the plant grow.

Why Choose Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Growing marijuana from seeds is probably the easiest and most hassle-free way of doing it especially for inexperienced growers. Starting the cannabis plants from seeds is also ideal because it is simply what’s natural to the plant itself. Cannabis is an annual plant, which means that its natural life span in its natural environment is only around one year.

If you want to grow your own marijuana, you have to decide not only on the type of strain, but also on which seed to choose. You can choose from the three different categories of marijuana seed, namely regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Each category has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how much experience you have in growing, the location, your desired flowering time, and desired yield.

The regular cannabis seeds are your standard marijuana seeds, which are not optimized in any way. These seeds are not altered by genetic engineering in any way that will make the grow process work differently than it would normally. Regular seeds are typically the most popular to come by. This type of marijuana seed is also crucial in the process of producing new strains as well as in crossbreeding.

The feminized seeds of cannabis are particularly created to eradicate completely the possibility of producing male plants. This means that if you will use the feminized seeds, you will no longer have to discard 40-50% of the plants that you grow, which naturally turn out to be male.

These seeds are an upgrade compared to the regular cannabis seeds, but they still need all of the same specific growing conditions and resources as well as the care. However, you should not mistake these seeds as the autoflowering seeds, which are also often feminized. Furthermore, any female marijuana plant that is not fertilized will produce flowers without seeds. Most growers prefer these cannabis flowers without the seeds. You can buy great feminized seeds at

Among the categories of cannabis seeds, you can be assured that your investment is not wasted on the plants if you will use the feminized cannabis seeds. These seeds are designed to produce only female plants, and only the female plants produce buds. Feminization is the process of conditioning female plants to get male pollen necessary for seed production.

What is the difference between regular marijuana seeds and feminized seeds?

Regular marijuana seeds can be both male and female, and it is impossible to tell if it will turn out to be a male or a female later on, not until you get to the flowering stage. You would want to remove the male plants because they don’t supply those tasty buds and they have lower THC levels, in general. If you will not remove them, they will have the tendency to pollinate the females. If this happens, the female buds will not grow that much anymore and your harvest will decrease.

On the other hand, feminized seeds are bred specifically to produce female cannabis plant and eliminate male chromosomes. This ensures that every plant you’ll have is going to be female. If you use regular seeds, you will have to assume that 50% are males, so you have to germinate extra seeds to replace the unnecessary males. However, with feminized seeds, you will only have to germinate as many plants as you desire.

If you’re looking for speedy and simple crop growing, then feminized seeds are your best option. Many growers are anxious when growing marijuana with regular seeds because it requires the identification of the genders. Then, it involves the removal of males during the early stage of flowering. With feminized seeds, you don’t need to identify the genders and remove the males because the plants will always be female.

Many factors and variables determine whether regular seeds are better suited for growing and production than feminized seeds. The conditions of growing the cannabis plant, the amount of time and space available, one’s personal preference, and the overall level of expertise all have a role in determining which one is better.

If you are more into breeding the cannabis plant and produce new seeds, then you should choose the regular seeds, as you would need both male and female plants. Feminized seeds will be a better choice for you if you have no interest in breeding and you only desire to have some excellent buds.

Marijuana Growth Lights

Indoor growing requires special equipment and many be a little more expensive than growing marijuana outdoors.

Proper growth medium

Promising healing applications of CBD also include use as, painkiller, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and more. Research is ongoing.

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